Public Procurement

Leczykiewicz Surma Law Firm provides legal assistance in the area of public procurement at all stages of the process, both to ordering parties and contractors.

The legal assistance to the ordering party includes:

  •  support in preparing the public contract award procedure, which includes drafting tender documents, terms of reference, material terms of the contract, specimen contracts,
  •  assistance in conducting the public contract award procedure,
  •  drafting internal documents relating to pending procedures, including regulations of a procedure.

The legal services provided to the contractor include:

  •  assessing general terms of a contract/identifying risks connected with taking part in a tender and performing the contract,
  •  preparing questions to the ordering party in the course of the public contract award procedure,
  •  assessing drafts of insurance and bank guarantees,
  •  assistance in preparing a bid in the public contract award procedure,
  •  drafting appeals, bids, objections, oppositions and complaints,
  •  representing the client in proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeal, administrative bodies and courts,
  •  drafting and assessing contracts with consortium members, subcontractors and other entities providing services for the benefit of the contractor in the course of performing a public procurement contract.

Our lawyers are also ready to help you in resolving disputes between the ordering party and the contractor, both at the pre-court stage (in the process of negotiations) as well as in court.

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