Environmental Protection Law

In almost any type of business activity it is necessary to take into account the environmental matters. Business entities are required to conduct an environmental impact assessment already at the stage of planning an investment. At further stages of implementing an investment, businessmen are compelled to adhere to various environmental regulations and fulfil numerous obligations which result from those regulations. Meeting these requirements and obligations becomes much more simple and less complicated if one is supported by an experienced lawyer assisted by specialists and researchers specialising in the field of environmental protection.

In this field, LS law firm offers its clients the following services:

  •  Support, legal advisory and representation in proceedings in the area of law on environmental protection and nature preservation,
  •  Examining the operations and documentation of a given company from the point of view of environmental law compliance and meeting obligations resulting thereof,
  •  Support in planning an investment and assessing its environmental impact,
  •  Legal advisory in the process of obtaining integrated permits,
  •  Legal advisory in the process of obtaining environmental permits, concessions and licences,
  •  Legal opinions on detailed legal aspects of environmental protection in business operations of a company,
  •  Analysing the liability of business owners, management board members and executive offices for violating environmental protection law or for environmental damage,
  •  Representing clients in proceedings before public administration bodies and courts.

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