White Collar Crimes

Our law firm also supports its clients in matters regarding economic crimes (White Collar Crimes), both at the stage of the preparatory proceeding as well as before courts of all instances. We assist both clients acting in the capacity of a suspect or a defendant as well as an aggrieved party or an axillary prosecutor (also with respect to enforcement against a person responsible for committing a given crime, an obligation to redress damage in the course of a criminal proceeding or claiming damages connected with a criminal offence).

Legal advisory is provided, in particular, on matters connected with the following suspected crimes committed in the course of conducting business activity:

  •  environmental crimes,
  •  offences against people performing work,
  •  offences against information security,
  •  offences against credibility of documents,
  •  offences against property,
  •  offences against business trading,
  •  offences against money and securities trading,
  •  tax offences,
  •  offences of selling or serving alcohol without a licence,
  •  offences of illegal use of trademarks,
  •  offences against fair competition.

The LS legal counsels and attorneys-at-law are ready to defend or represent you in court also in proceedings in a petty offence case.

If necessary, the LS lawyers can provide one-off advice within the above-mentioned scope and draft a legal opinion to be used in the course of a preparatory proceeding or a court proceeding.

We ensure confidentiality of any criminal case we run.

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